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Otis Sniper System  - Pussesett (OTI-308-9)

Otis Sniper System - Pussesett (OTI-308-9)

Pussesett til skarpskyttervåpen.

This military issue cleaning system is specifically designed to clean and maintain 5.56MM rifles, 7.62MM rifles, and any variant of these weapon systems. Specific weapons include the C7, C8, M16, M249 SAW, M4, AK-47, M1, M14, M24, M240, SCAR and M40. The Memory-Flex cleaning rods, slotted tips, 100% cotton cleaning patches, bore brushes, and CLP allow you to quickly clean the receiver, chamber, neck and bore. The obstruction removers are used to knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. Components from the brass scraper tool set are key to precision cleaning of your weapon. They are designed specifically for cleaning the bolt face and slides, as well as any other hard to reach area of your weapon. Comprehensive instructions, along with these tools, will help educate and give you flawless performance in mission critical situations.

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