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Oakley SI Ballistic - Goggles - Svart (OAK-11-150)

Oakley SI Ballistic - Goggles - Svart (OAK-11-150)

Oakley SI Ballistic Goggle Array - The SI Ballistic Goggle is designed to present the best Oakley has to offer in protection, optical performance, and comfort.

The SI Ballistic goggle is fully compliant with the ANSI Z87.1 – 2003 for both protection (high mass/velocity impact and penetration) and optical performance requirements as well as MIL V-43511C, Clause 3.5.10 impact standards. The SI Ballistic goggle lenses are made from Oakley’s high purity, optical grade polycarbonate, Plutonite® (blocks 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC light). The SI Ballistic Goggle is equipped with a micro-fleece face-foam liner to provide a secure and comfortable fit for all sized heads.

Kit Contents 
SI Ballistic Goggle frame with strap system and Clear lens 
Laser protective lens 
Neutral Grey, bright light protective lens 
Removable/adjustable fire resistant retention strap/headband 
Crush resistant carrying case 
Micro-fiber cloth bag suitable for lens cleaning and supplemental storage within carry case 
Use and care instructions printed on tear-proof, water resistant substrate 

Light Transmittance 
Clear Goggle lens: 90% visible light transmittance suitable for use in low light to no light conditions 
Laser Goggle lens: Optical Density not less than 4.0 - wavelengths of 820nm to 850nm and the wavelength of 1064nm*. Visible light transmittance: 54% suitable for medium to low light conditions 
Grey Goggle lens: 16% light transmittance, meets the neutrality and chromaticity requirements. Suitable for bright conditions

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