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Blackhawk CQB/ Rescue 34" - Belter - Olivengrønn (41CQ00OD)

Blackhawk CQB/ Rescue 34" - Belter - Olivengrønn (41CQ00OD)

BlackHawk CQB/Rescue (Rigger) belt is NTOA Member Tested and Recommended.
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CQB/Rescue Belt  Olive Drab Small - up to 34"

BlackHawk CQB/Rescue (Rigger) belt is NTOA Member Tested and Recommended 

The NTOA Member Tested & Recommended Program is designed to provide law enforcement product manufacturers with a process to have their products field-tested by the law enforcement community. It also ensures the law enforcement community the product has been field-tested and is recommend by their peers. 

The BlackHawk CQB/Rescue (Rigger) belt is Mil-Standard 858 certified and built with parachute quality buckles and adapters. The webbing is 1 3/4" Type 13 (7,000 lb tensile strength) and Type 12 liner for the abrasion buffer. The CQB/Rescue belt is sewn with #5 nylon cord on a Class 7 sewing machine for that complete confidence in life threatening situations. The belt has hook and loop along the entire length for securing the bitter end down. 

Sizes available: small (up to 34) regular (34 to 41) and large (41-51) 

Special Note: Fully tested and certified in accordance with Mil-Standard 858

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